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Touch Of Gold Guarantee
Your product is guaranteed only against plating defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

This guarantee in not unconditional and is subject to the following conditions
  1. The completed guarantee form must accompany the product when presenting it for repair or plating defect.
  2. This guarantee does not cover breakages on any jewellery products due to misuse or negligence and does not apply to scratches or stone`s falling off.
  3. Stones on all products
    1. Stones on all products are not guaranteed, however can be repaired at a handling charge of R20 per jewellery item, irrespective of the number of stones that need to be replaced.
  4. Plating on rings
    1. Where plating has been removed due to negligence and scratches, especially on outer bottom of ring, this will not be guaranteed, therefore due care should be taken to prevent rings from being scratched unnecessarily as this will remove plating. This can however be replated at a minimal cost .
  5. Chains/Bracelets
    1. Clips/Buckles the guarantee does not cover the breakage of clips/buckles. This can be replaced at a handling charge depending size and thickness of the item.
  6. Earrings, Nose rings, Toe rings and belly rings
    1. The above items are not guaranteed due to hygienic purposes.
  7. Watches
    1. This guarantee is subject only to Touch Of Gold jewellery, not any of our advertised watches.


  1. Whilst great care is taken with plating, acids found in toiletries and chemicals (example perfumes) can have a detrimental effect on the plating. This guarantee does not cover products exposed to harsh chemicals.
  2. The best and easiest method to keeping your product clean and shiny is to rinse with soap and water regularly. Do not expose your product to any jewellery cleaning solution as the high acid content will damage the plating and this will not be covered by this guarantee.
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Touch Of Gold
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